Enjoy FinDom responsibly!

Terms used:

SG - represents our platform, SupremeGoddesses.com, our social media accounts and our company.

Slaves - the consumers, also known as fans, paypigs, moneyslaves, human atms, etc.

Dommes - the money mistresses, also known as goddesses, mistresses (females or transsexuals).

Financial Domination is an awesome fetish that generates to all its participants, paypigs and dommes, lots of satisfaction. As a platform that brings these parts together, we want to make sure that SupremeGoddesses is a fully safe and legal play field.

When enjoying fetishes like financial domination, the best advice is the "coffee principle": consume it with moderation and understand your limits. Coffee is an awesome drink, considered to have even benefits for the health, but consumed in high quantity can lead to serious health problems.

We highly encourage both parts to carefully choose their limits and makes sure that there will be no severe damages that can trigger unnecessary headaches or even legal problems.

Advices for PayPigs:

- sign a Contract and use Safe words;

- make sure that  you are in control of the game.
If you believe that you are out of control and need psychological help, please take a break from SupremeGoddesses and search for psychological help!

Advices for Dommes:

- sign a Contract and use Safe words;

- respect your paypigs;
Understand that these fetishes are mind games, and our purpose is not to actually "ruin lives". Try to know well your slaves and see until where you can push, as pushing too much can bring troubles for the moneyslaves, the dommes and probably even for our site. So, when you see moneyslaves who are out of control, and you believe that they are facing serious danger, refuse to offer them any service and where neccessary, even chargebacks can be offered, including the commission that SG takes.

- make sure you inform yourself about what fetishes are legal and which can create you legal problems.
When possible, paying a lawyer is always a good idea!

- No: "Forced intoxication", "TeamViewer for cleaning cards", "Blackmail"!
If you google about findom, these 3 aspects are usually pointed as considered illegal, so they will be forbidden also on SG.

"Forced intoxication" - encouraging a slave to consume any substance (alcohol or drugs) that can affect his/her normal capacity to act or reason.
Mixing alcohol or drugs with a costly fetish, is not a good idea for any of the parts involved: paypigs, dommes or SG.

"TeamViewer for cleaning cards" - asking or accepting to enter into a slave's laptop through programs like TeamViewer, where the domme receive access to the electronic payments systems owned by the slave (paypal, bank account, credit card, etc).

"Blackmail" - the action, treated as a criminal offence, of demanding payment or another benefit from someone in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them.

Although SG does its best to make the site a safe & fully legal place, we deny any responsibilities that may occur from any relation between a domme and a paypig who met on our site or social media.

Any new suggestions on how we can make SupremeGoddesses a safe and legal place to play? Please contact us with more ideas.

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Enjoy FinDom responsibly.